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Corporate gifts

One spends most of the time with their employees and working colleagues it is as much as 8 to 10 hour a day and still many of the people does not give gifts to their working fellow. This year spread some joy with your working clients and colleagues whom you do work and spend so much without having a feeling that eventually the starting to become your family. Many companies and people have realized this and starting to give their colleagues gifts and if you are one of them and want to give your working colleague some special gift or you are the owners of an organization who wants to give their employees feeling that organization cares for them then you are on the right place.

How we are different?


There are many platforms where you can purchase products and can gift them to your guest but the main question arises why our customer would only buy from us or why people would enjoy or platform to have a purchase from, so the answer is we are the platform where every product is selected with many thoughts and agreement of our expert team. We understand that there are different and formal type of gifts which corporate person would gift to their colleague or a firm would like to gift their employee a gift which would boost their enthusiasm and motivation towards the company that is why we have selected with the online trend that what type of corporate people love to have a gift. We have designed our platform and gifts collection as per the corporate so that one can select the gift as fast as possible as it saves a lot of time of the person and we know that our corporate clients do not have time and we respect that. We also have cheap corporate gifts if you want to purchase the gifts in a mass and we assure you that the gifts would be awesome and beautiful and people would get enticed by looking at the gift.


Benefits of giving gifts


  • Motivation - when organisation give gifts to their employee the first thing that strike through their mind that on the special day that came forward to have a nice gesture which says that “we care for you” and when this feeling strikes the employee there are many chances that he got motivated and then employee do their work more motivated and when one gets motivated he does work more efficiently and hard and that can get company more business.
  • Clients - This year give something environment-friendly products to your clients like recycle bag. As Singapore is getting an environment friendlier you can choose to recycle bag in Singapore from our platform. This gesture would give your client a feeling that the organization cares for the environment and by working together we can give a contribution by changing the world into a better place where our future can be secured. We have the corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore so contact us and gift your loved one clients some gifts.

Just Explore the Wonderful Business Gifts in Singapore

Valuing your employees by giving business gifts is one of the best methods of doing business. This practice enables the employees to feel and different from others in the organization. This business gift represents his hard work throughout the year in the business and it shows how much he or she deserves to be with them as a co-worker or partner. Sometimes it also becomes a reason for a big promotion. EZGift sells you the best selections of corporate gifts that you can give it your employees as a continual reminder such as non woven bags, canvas bags, water bottles, phone stands, stationery items, PU keychains, umbrellas, and more and more.

Let me tell you that our store is comprised of an uncountable number of gift items that will glitter your eyes when you visit our website. Every gift indicates different when you gift them. So you can select the most appealing and precious gift as per your need and attitude. You can gift something practical like an umbrella or you can give something purposeful like a canvas bag or can also give occasional gifts to show that it was impossible without them. We are leading as a company of customized gifts Singapore. The power of our gifts is quite unbelievable and unforgettable. When you gift it, it will remain for long years in their heart and mind.

So if you are thinking to buy gifts for your business colleagues or staffs, then shop from here as we give you our products at affordable costs. We are engaged in providing gifts to many organizations and businesses. Our products are qualitative and enchanting. Our company is popular as a corporate gifts trader in Singapore that has made thousands of businesses happy and satisfied. Our business gifts actually show the love and dedication towards them to whom you are presenting. Our products can be modified as per your need for extra effect. It will make them something different to feel in the crowd of workers in the organization. We guarantee the quality of our gift products and we are selling it at wholesale price which is very cheap.

Importance of Corporate Gifts for Small Businesses

There are many ways to entertain company’s employees or clients and make them smile and get realized that they are most precious parts of the organization. However, every small to large level company does possible efforts to make their staff joyful through possible ways like organizing corporate parties, functions, business meetings, giving bonuses, etc. But, these options are expensive and need time to plan and execute accordingly. The businesses having good turnover, they can easily manage such corporate expenses for entertainment of their staff and clients, but what about small businesses? Yes, they might not be able to do extravagant to retain their staff by organizing expensive parties and programs. Instead, they do prefer to present the best corporate gifts to their employees and clients too. Now-a-days, corporate gifts have become most demanded options to entertain anyone in the office, business clients and partners too. However, it is a good idea for small businesses to buy good quality corporate gifts for their staff and customers to retain them and win their trust too.


If you are in search of high quality corporate gifts for small businesses, you should approach to the shops of leading corporate gifts suppliers Singapore. You can also reach to them via online mode through their websites. On their portals, you will definitely find a wide collection of corporate gift items in diverse ranges such as stationary items, electronic gadgets, leather items, bags and carriers, paper materials, and so on. So, you may choose any category of gift items online at websites of suppliers in Singapore and find ample of choices in the same category easily. But, it is also necessary to check the quality in products as well as price details before buying any sort of corporate gifts online in Singapore.


No worries, if you want to present non woven bags to your office staff at annual day of the company or any other event at the workplace, you should rush to the shops of finest corporate products suppliers in Singapore and find good range of non woven bags in vivid specifications and latest designs too. These non woven bags are made up of quality woven material and can also be customized easily. So, you can print the company’s logo or any other signature easily and present them to the company’s staff or clients. They will surely like to have such quality bags possessing logo of the organization that give a good feel to them. The price ranges of non woven bags in Singapore are also nominal. Hence, you can also place the order for bulk supply of non woven bags through website of any leading corporate gift supplier in Singapore and get the delivery at the door easily.

Meet and greet your corporate friends with valuable gifts

Gifts that hold some utility are considered to be more valuable than the ones that merely sit on your desk or never make it out of the showcase. If you are looking for such precious gifts to present to your office colleagues or boss and show the respect you hold for them, EzGift is the corporate gifts suppliers Singapore that fulfill all your needs. They have the widest range of utility items at affordable prices that are sure to be liked by all who receive them. The kind of gifts you find here are incomparable and you get to please everyone just by putting a little effort.


No matter what is the purpose behind the corporate gift you are giving, it should always be the best and portray a good image of you in front of the recipient. Whether it is a door gift for attendees of a conference, or a special gift for your business partner, you find the best of all at EzGift. Establishing itself as the most trusted corporate gifts suppliers Singapore, it never fails to provide the best quality gifts. Understanding the need to put your best foot forth, EzGift never compromises with the quality of its products.


Understanding your gifting needs, EzGift makes sure that they have something to offer for every requirement. If you want gifts to give away to customers and clients for publicity and marketing, then EzGift has options like recycle bag Singapore. They are both usable and can be easily customized to get the name of your printed on it, so that when they are distributed, the name of your company follows along. Simplify the process of choosing the perfect gift and identifying with your peers at workplace, as EzGift has got it all.

Build Great Relationships in the Corporate World with Our Stunning Corporate Gifts

Giving a gift to somebody is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to show our affection. In some cases, it works like a magic and may work even better than words. The corporate world, on the other hand, has the high pressure and competitive environment. It takes an iron lung for the corporate workers to work in such an environment and perform to their best every time. For an employer, it is really important to keep your employees motivated. Also, it is important to build great relationships with the clients. This is where corporate gifts can be really handy. As you appreciate the hard work of your employees with stunning corporate gifts, it certainly would make them overwhelmed and fill them with enthusiasm to perform even better.



At EZ Gifts, we strive to offer you the most innovative and unique corporate gifts. Of course, there is no denying the fact that different people have different tastes and choices but you can definitely find the perfect gift for anyone at EZ Gifts. However, we suggest you do a real quick research about the taste of the person to whom you intend to give a gift to. This actually helps you in your choice making a bit faster. Also, EZ Gifts is the only place in Singapore where you can find the most stunning yet cheap corporate gifts. A lot of corporate people have used our corporate gift products over the years and found them to be extremely effective in building or maintaining great corporate relationships.


When we started some years back from now, the idea of corporate gifts was not much prevalent back then but we were pretty prudent about our concept. The picture of how it was going to be like in the upcoming years was just so clear to us. However, by now corporate gift is a pretty common term and we certainly have had a huge contribution in this field. Also, we feel glad about the fact that we have helped many corporate companies in creating a great difference with our absolutely stunning corporate gifts all along our journey so far.

We Make It Easier For You To Select Your Gifts

Corporates need not worry anymore about what to gift to their customers. With the huge variety of new and modern gifts that we have, you can select anything for your customers. All these gifts are new and of high quality. We have made the effort to bring these new gifts so that your customers will be more than happy to receive them. These new gifts are available at a various range of prices so you can get them for your different customers or suppliers. We give you an opportunity to buy quality gifts for your customers at different prices to satisfy every one of them. EZ Gift has always been at the forefront when it comes to bringing items for corporate gifting.



If you still prefer to go for some of the old items which the customers have accepted and asked for more, then you can very well select the tote bag Singapore. This is a gift which is always welcome for its utility value. They come in an attractive white so that you can print your logo or design on them. This is a gift that is most suited for spreading your name too. As the customers carry this with them for shopping it is your name which will get publicized. These tote bags have been used by many companies to gift to their customers. They are most sought after by companies because of the huge space it offers for advertising their products. The tote bag will always remain a favourite gift as far as customers are concerned.


The advantage of dealing with EZ Gift for your gifts is that we are a one-stop shop for gifts. You can buy the latest gifts from us. We have an excellent team of creators who can customize the gifts in the way that you want. They will create the most attractive designs and get your approval. Once you have approved the designs or advertisement matter we can go ahead and make your gifts ready.


EZ Gift also provides transportation service for your gifts. You can take our help to get the gifts delivered to any place of your choice. Your search for the best gifts stops with us.

We Make Gift Selection Easy For You

Giving a gift to their customers is customary for any business. It is a way of showing their gratitude to the customers for being loyal to the company or its brands. Companies need to keep their customers happy by giving them gifts periodically so that customers are not taken away by competitors. When new companies are started they also need to give a lot of gifts to the customers so that they will make repeat purchases. Every business finds many opportunities to give gifts to the customers and keep reminding the customers about the brand and also that the company cares about them.



There is always a doubt with the companies as to which gifts will be most appreciated by the customers. This is very important to keep the customers happy. There are many gift choices available for the companies to choose from, but all are not welcomed by the customers with the same enthusiasm. When this dilemma strikes the companies they can resort to certain gifts which are always accepted by the customers due to their utility value. EZ Gift has many gifts which are always appreciated by the customers and companies can choose from these gifts. The non woven bag Singapore is one such gift that all customers like.


These non-woven bags come in big and small sizes. These are very useful for the customers when they go shopping or to carry other things when they go out. These bags are strong and can carry a lot of things. For the companies, this is a very good gift item because they can be printed on very attractively. The company’s logo and designs will be very nicely visible on these bags.


Another gift that EZ Gift always carries in stock and customers are happy to receive are the water bottles. As you know you cannot use these bottles for very long because of hygiene reasons. So people keep changing them and hence there is always a need for these bottles. So customers happily accept these water bottles Singapore as gifts.

EZ Gift can help to customize these gifts in the way the companies require and also deliver them anywhere they want.

Find Good Quality Corporate Gifts Online via website of EZ GIFTS

If you are in search of top-quality corporate gifts in Singapore, you should rush to the leading corporate shops available in the country, which are also operating online. For convenience, you may reach to the “EZ GIFTS”, which is an ideal online shop, where you can find an extensive range of gifts products, which are commonly used as corporate gifts in many companies to present to employees and clients as well. One can also navigate the website of the company and find a long list of corporate gifts such as caps, bags, t-shirts, water bottles, stationary items, foldable fans, digital items, etc. So, interested customers may select any of the corporate gifts among the glut of company and may also place the order for the bulk quantity of same product via online mode through company’s site.



No worries, if you are looking for quality canvas bag Singapore to present to the company’s employees on special occasion. You need to contact with “EZ GIFTS” in Singapore wisely. Also, you can check the website of the firm and find good options in canvas bags as well. You can compare such bags in terms of their colors, designs, sizes and prices on the website and pick the best one to buy. Also, company can supply canvas bags in bulk for official use or as corporate gift to present to the staff of the firm. You can send enquiry for the products online from the website and get the delivery of items at door steps.


Similarly, if you require the absolute quality foldable fan Singapore for office use or as corporate gift to present to the staff, yon need to take aid of “EZ GIFTS” in the country. The company takes pride to be one stop place in Singapore to find fascinating foldable fans in vivid colors, designs, and shapes too. These fans are one of the best corporate gifts to opt and present them to the staff on any occasion. The company can provide you with bulk quantity of foldable fans in special packaging as per requirement. Also, you may send enquiry for same products online via website of the firm. Once the company will receive the online request for any sort of corporate gift to deliver to the client, the staff of the firm will start workout on the order to be fulfilled under the given time frame.

The price ranges for all types of corporate gifts at “EZ GIFTS” are also reasonable. So, do not look elsewhere, just reach to the above shop online and find top corporate gifts under the budget.

Give These Cool Gifts And Increase Your Business

If there is anything that is always on a businessman’s mind, it is the thought of how to improve his business. No businessman wants to stay where he is. He wants to grow and the only way to growth is to increase the sales. And the only way to increase your sales is to get more customers to your side. How do you attract your customers? How do you retain the ones who are already buying your products? The answer to both questions is the same. Give them gifts. Nothing pleases a customer than getting a gift from the company where he buys his goods. Customers who are not your customers already will be prompted to buy from you once they have received the gifts. Nothing works to pull a customer to you like gifts.


But then every business is doing this. How can you show yourself to be different and bring the customers? Give them gifts that are unique and attractive. All you need to do is to contact EZ Gift. With the widest range of gifts, we are probably the solution to your problem of getting your customers. Our gifts are unique and all of them can be customized as per your requirements. Our gifts maintain a very high quality and come at affordable prices. Whatever be the gift you select we can do customization for you. If you don’t have a design with you, our design team can create an attractive design for the gifts. We present the best customized gifts in Singapore has ever seen.


There are some places where the gifts will have the best effect. An open-air event or sports on a hot summer day is the best place to gift fans. Our foldable fan in Singapore is an ideal gift to be presented to people attending the event. It will be very useful for the audience and it is a good platform to advertise. Our foldable fans have a base colour of white on which your designs can be printed very attractively. These come quite reasonably priced and is a good gift for giving in large numbers. Gift these and see your sales grow by leaps and bounds.

Gifts That Please

EZ Gift is no doubt the best place to shop for corporate gifts. The wide variety that we stock is suitable for all kinds of customers. Whether you want gifts that need to be given in bulk or gifts that you want to give to a select few customers, we have it. We not only have a great selection of gifts but also sell it at very attractive prices. When corporate gifting is your need, don’t look further than EZ Gift.


Our gifts are made even more attractive by customizing them as per your needs. We can print your company logo or other designs on the gifts as per your requirement. We also have a panel of expert designers who can create a new design if you so desire. This is what makes EZ Gift different from others. Our designers will understand exactly what you have in mind and create a design as per that.


Our foldable fan Singapore is an excellent gift that can be given off at any sports event or concert. The white background offers a place for printing your logo or name. The printing will be quiet vividly visible to the fans. This is an excellent corporate gift for bulk gifting.


Apart from these gifts we also stock paper items that can be printed on like posters, brochures, visiting cards etc. All these items can be printed as per your requirements. We can also supply attractively printed calendars.


EZ Gift stocks a wide variety of stationery items which also are good for bulk gifts. These include pens, notebooks, bookmarks etc. which also can be customized as per the need of the company. We are the biggest suppliers of cheap corporate gifts in Singapore.


The next time your company is looking for some gift ideas, come to us. We not only promise to give you high-quality gifts but also promise to have them delivered on time.

Get In Touch With Corporate Gifts And Experience Profits As Never Before

Working for years in continuation under the same brand name requires happy moments in between at regular intervals for maintaining work fluency. Getting mind refreshments after continuous work chain is necessary for everyone to gain accuracy and work quality. The corporate world is growing roots much beneath and looks stunning with the kind of competition evolved. Everyone is busy selling his or her services in a better way than the others for earning profits. The corporate sector these days has been experiencing a cheap technique serving it with exceptional work quality and perfection. The employees of the corporate field were applauded for their accuracy and efforts even before but the system of appreciation has changes now. There are quality gift items available in the market used by the owners of a brand for making the employees realize their caliber and quality of efforts made for the betterment of the organization.



Corporate gifts are cheap investments made by the organizations which have been showing as a technique of great use. Manufacturers of customized gift items have been growing in numbers due to the speeding demand of the products. Ezgift in Singapore provide cheap corporate gifts and is a major source of quality products for the market. The unit maintains good terms and also offer desired product on getting instructions from the clients. The major providers of corporate gift items operate through online portals where customers can make appropriate selection of the products by viewing them online. Online purchasing also develops chances of discount deals which benefits the client from multiple aspects. Recycling is an essential need of the time looking at the velocity of the degrading resources. Manufacturers of corporate gifts are also recycling waste materials to design useful products for the people. Recycle bag Singapore of top quality is available at multi online stores at reasonable prices.

Thank With A Gift

The habit of gifting has been popular for quite a long time now. Corporates like to show their gratitude to loyal customers by gifting them during New Year or other festive occasions. Some restaurants and beauty parlors make a note to send their loyal customers a gift on their birthday or wedding anniversaries. Any occasion is good time to gift.




With competition among businesses heating up, every company is coming up with new ideas of marketing. Starting from door to door marketing to online marketing, every trick is being tried, to improve their business. Presenting their customers with a gift is a nice way of marketing.


With everyone giving gifts as a means of wooing their customers, there is a rush for finding new gifting ideas. Giving a general gift is out of fashion. Every company needs a customized gift that will reflect their culture.




Your search for the ideal gift ends with EZ Gift. We specialize in all kinds of gifts. We can take pride in saying that we are the best Corporate Gifts Suppliers Singapore has. We keep ready stocks of many items that can be supplied without any delay. You can choose from a variety of gift items like bags, umbrellas, water bottles, key chains etc.


We have gifts in all price ranges. For select items we can give door delivery on the same day.


Non woven bags make a great gift item. It is both attractive and has utility value. We keep them in big and small sizes and in different colors. These are readily available with us. These bags are also easily customizable. We can get your logo, or your chosen design printed on them.


Let EZ Gift worry about your gifting problems while you keep your customers happy and smiling.

Corporate gifts that fit your budget

It is very important to keep all the parties involved in a business satisfied. Colleagues, business partners, employees, other staff members; all put in their best efforts only when they see the other person doing the same. But in the fast world of today, where there are so many responsibilities to shoulder, it is very much impossible to keep everyone contented. Investing time in corporate relationships becomes an expensive affair and can cost much progress of the company. Cheap corporate gifts are a much better option for maintaining corporate relationships. These gifts by EzGift make everyone feel important and make them deliver their best to the partnership.


EzGift brings to you a wide range of options when it comes to corporate gifts. These gifts should be selected carefully keeping in mind various points. They should be able to market your business and be of utility to the recipient. EzGift understands all these criteria and gives you options like caps, umbrellas, water bottles, etc. to choose from. Their canvas bags Singapore are ideal gifts that can be presented to anybody ranging from business allies to customers. This would spread the name of our company wherever carried and would be of great use to the people.  


Gifts by EzGift are customizable and could be altered to suit your needs. You can use them to depict your company’s uniqueness and make the name widespread. Keeping in mind your comfort, EzGift offers the service of delivery at your doorstep so that you don’t have to waste time in purchasing corporate gifts by roaming around. Cheap corporate gifts are perfect to strengthen the bond in your corporate relationships. This would make everyone hold you in high regard and give an impression of a concerned professional. Give best and get the best in return!

Best Quality And Highly Branded Bags In Singapore

The city of Singapore has a very large market and with many people being foreign residents besides the local residents and the tourists from many countries have a great demand for various kinds of bags to be used for various purposes. The corporate sector and various business establishments also require various kinds of bags for gifts and other purposes and in the market of Singapore our agency deals in the most exclusive bags for many decades and our Non woven bags are very much in demand. These bags are very beautifully printed and manufacture from various kinds of material with the most beautiful and exceptional designs. Besides that these bags are favorite among the consumers and they prefer these bags very much. Though our rates are very low and we deliver these bags at the most affordable rates but we never compromise with the quality of our products. We also have online delivery services and many offices and the corporate buys these bags in great bulk due to its very high quality and designs.


We have also been into the most essential Canvas Bag in Singapore and these bags are also very much appreciated by the consumers and we have been manufacturing these bags with the most durable canvases and our website is made available with the various sizes and designs of our bags. We have been highly recognized in the market of Singapore for our most exclusive bags and have also been maintaining a very good relation with many of our consumers and have been availing these bags through our delivery services. You can also buy and choose your preferred bag from our shop directly and being in the market for many years we have been very much privileged that we got the opportunity to serve many high profile businesses and corporate houses.

Are your business relationships spiraling inwards?

Are your corporate relationships with your co-workers and other people dwindling? Is your business going through a rough patch because of your clients being uninterested in your services? Here is the way through which you can bring back the lost charm of your business, and attract back old and new clients. Corporate gifts; as common it may sound; these gifts have the power to make your clients acknowledge your efforts and give a try to your products. EzGift is the perfect destination for corporate gifts Singapore. They not only have gifts, but a more common products that can be customized with the details of your enterprise are kept in stock; so that you don’t have to wait to get your business on track again.



Once you have made up your mind for corporate gifts, the next big challenge arises in selecting the perfect one; that suits both the company and its clients. Gifts like woven bags, Velcro caps, water bottles, etc, that are needed by everyone for daily use, connect with customers and advertise your services in a better way. Water bottles Singapore can be found at EzGift, of the best quality, that will make your customers sure of the satisfactory services you provide.


There is no need to worry about the choice of your clients if you are presenting corporate gifts Singapore, having utility. Same is the case with the wide range of gifts at Ezgift. They are things that are needed and liked by all equally. The services provided by EzGift like same day delivery, free design services, international delivery, are surely a cherry on the cake. If you are trying to strengthen your bonds with people in your workplace, EzGift is where you can find joy for everybody. Present a present to make your future stronger!